Saturday, June 2, 2007

Happy Is Good But It Makes Lame Poetry

June 2nd, 2007.

Let's start over again. Hi, I'm Britney with a smile. I cry. I hide. I keep the pain inside.
Hey. I'm Jon with an awkward gesture. I fly. I lied. And I just try to survive.

L to the AM and back to the E. lol. What can I say?

I feel happy again
Like when it all began
Smiles lingered
Nothing hindered
And the love only deepened

I'm letting go of the past
To make sure we last
Apart is too hard
Only end up scared
It's no good to end in a cast

Just look at this fork as Just a bend
Or not even that. we can Only survive if we
Never stop trying. you are my Number one.
Because of all this love you've shown. Baby, we're gonna make it!
Reality and rules are no match for our Real love. They can stick
It up their a$$es cause I know
That we're meant to be Together
Nothing will ever tear us apart
Even if they try. Do
You believe me? Good!

A page from my notebook. 2007


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