Thursday, May 17, 2007


May 17th, 2007

Are the gaps in the generations really as big as we make them out to be? Honestly, I don't think so. Of course, generally, they didn't dress or speak like we do today. But one person -and inevitably their friends- making a group of people dressing, acting, speaking, and listening differently than all or even most- or some of those around them. And although it is not my original idea, I completely agree that eventually underground styles and music become, well, overground, or what's popular. It only takes one person to accidentally set a trend and it take off to national status. 

I remember in 6th grade I cut gum out of my hair which left a bunch of little hairs that stood up. I was so embarrassed. To hide it, I took a piece of my hair and pulled it back with a clip. I was teased for this style but by the time I got to high school everyone was doing that or the little bump thing in their hair (which was popular in the 1950's). All of this returns to the idea that there is nothing left to do so we turn to the past and use simple variations to put a modern twist on it. Which, by the way, isn't different- but new, or fresh all the less.


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  1. Thank you! My sister's name is Sarah :) You can see a photo of her in my Zombie Shoot blog. Not trying to self promote, just saying ;P