Friday, May 25, 2007


May 25th, 2007.

Do you mind?
If I sit in your lap
Curl up into your chest
And start to cry
Would you care?
If I hold you too tight
And pretend it's okay
That your hearts not mine

Can I be more?
Than what I am now
What she was
And apparently still is
Could we run away?
Be there with each other
Forget about the life
That only kills

Want to be mine?
For always and ever
Caught in the cycle
Of tears never-ending
How can we make it?
If you make it so difficult
Work with me here
I'm breaking from bending

Do you mind?
When I lie to you
And say nothings wrong
Even though you already know
Would you care?
If I wanted to be more
Than your second choice
Or best in show

Can I be more?
Than just temporary
Just a comparability
Like I feel I am
Could we run away?
Not turn back for a second
Believe that true love exists
And do all that it can

Want to be mine?
Make new memories
And let the old ones fade
As you forget places and names
How can we make it?
If you're still holding on
No matter how we grow 
It all stays the same

~ I love you more than I knew


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