Friday, January 18, 2013

I got a couple of calls for an interview!

Someone called the house phone and asked for Nicole.
My mom told them there was no one by that name.
They called back.
My mom didn't answer.

They called my cell phone.
She said she accidentally asked for the wrong person last time she called.
She said she was calling from Adult Protective Services in the Victorville office and wanted to know if I would come in to interview on Wednesday for the Social Worker II position.
I said yes.
Then she called again a couple of hours later and asked if I wanted to interview for the Social Worker II Trainee position.
I said yes, but that I was already interviewing for the regular II position.
She said she thought my name looked familiar.
Ha ha.

Interview. Wednesday at 1:00pm. Hopefully I can sneak off and do it during my lunch!
Yay me!
My test results aren't even in yet!

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